Natural wildlife area in the Gallops

We just wanted to inform you of our work with the council in developing natural wildlife areas. Following a request from a resident at our annual meeting we got in touch with DLRCC and got natural wildlife areas established in the Gallops. We hope you and many insects, animals and critters will enjoy them.

6 thoughts on “Natural wildlife area in the Gallops

  1. What has given you the right to take away the green on the crescent and designate it as a wildlife area. Children play on that green and have don for the last 25 years. How dare you make arbitrary decisions without consulting the people you are pretending to represent. Who the hell do you think you are.


    1. Thank you for your feedback Mr Robinson.

      The natural wildlife areas only take up a small proportion of two green areas in the Gallops. They are designed to help ensure that the natural environment is maintained in our estate as much as possible. These pollinator areas are located at Orby field and at the green space parallel to Glencairn Drive as signposted by DLRCC. There is still plenty of space on all the greens in the estate for children to play in. At Glencairn Crescent however there is no pollination area, we got this area cleaned up twice in the past but there is no natural wildlife area set up.


      The Committee
      Gallops Residents Association


  2. Hi Julie would just like to point out and ask you to do the same to the Council that wild life areas does NOT mean doing nothing and leaving obnoxious and other weeds to grow eg roundabout at junction to m50 at Leopardstown All wild life areas have to be tended regularly after year 1 and large invasive weeds removed to keep sometimes smaller plants available to insects etc. Looking at some public areas Councils just look on them as ways to save money thanx Derek Crampton


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