Great turn out at our clean up again – thank you!

The committee would like to thank everybody who turned up yesterday to our estate clean up – it was fantastic! Even though the weather wasn’t the best, we were quite lucky to do our clean up in between showers even with some sunshine. We had certainly over 25 people helping to clean up the estate, which was another great turn out like last time. We would like to thank everybody massively who helped, including all the children who came!

Some people collect rubbish before or in between our monthly cleanups and then drop the bag off with us – which is also really appreciated, thank you. 

Your help made a huge difference – people were sent in different directions and most people just picked up rubbish for 20-30min – but with such a great group effort the estate looks great – thank you so much!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all – and hopefully some new faces – next month again. Thank you!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday (apologies to anybody we didn’t capture)

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