Glencairn proposed development – how to make an observation – deadline soon!

We have put a bit of information together to make it clearer how to submit your observation. Please note the final date to submit any observations is Thursday October 18th – however we recommend to send them in as soon as possible to be on the safe side. If something is missing or it arrives late, your submission will be rejected.

What must I include with my submissions or observations?

• Your own name and address – which must be clearly stated. Where an agent makes the submissions or observations on your behalf, he/she must state clearly his/her own name and address and your name and address.

• The subject matter of the submissions or observations – you must give sufficient details to enable the Board to readily identify the application/appeal e.g. a copy of the planning authority decision or the appeal reference number.

In this case: Board Ref: 302580

Name: Glencairn Strategic Housing Development

Description: Demolition of an existing house and outbuildings. Construction of 243 no. apartments, 98 no. houses, childcare facility and associated site works.

• The full grounds of the submissions or observations and supporting material and arguments. The Board cannot take into consideration any further unsolicited submissions after the initial submissions or observations are received (except information specifically requested by the Board) and the Board cannot consider non-planning issues.

• You must include the current fee of €20 (cheque or postal order)

An appeal must be received by the Board within five weeks beginning on the date of the making of the decision by the planning authority (N.B. not the date on which the decision is sent or received). In our case this will be Thursday October 18th – however we recommend to send in your submission as soon as possible, in case something is missing or delayed it will be rejected.

How may I make my views known to the Board?

An “observer” should submit his/her submissions or observations in writing by sending them by post to:

The Secretary
An Bord Pleanála
64 Marlborough Street
Dublin 1

What does the Board take into consideration when deciding an appeal?

Generally, the Board is required to consider the planning application, the subject of the appeal, de novo, (i.e. as if the application had been made to it in the first instance) and the EIS, if any. The Board will determine the application on the basis of the proper planning and sustainable development of the area and the effects, if any, the proposed development would have on the environment. The Board must have regard to such matters as the policies and objectives of the local development plan, Ministerial planning guidelines, regional planning guidelines, the National Spatial Strategy, the policies and objectives of the Government and the national interest. In addition, the Board must consider the grounds of appeal, the decision of the local planning authority, any submissions or observations made to the planning authority and/or the Board in relation to the application and the appeal, as appropriate, and the report and recommendation of the Board’s inspector on the appeal.

Please note the Board’s Decision is final. No challenge may be made to the decision other than to its legal validity, so you only have one shot at this.

You can find full information at

and here is a Full Guide to Making a Planning Appeal:

For any questions you can call An Bord Pleanála at (01) 858 8100

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