Huge thank you to all helpers and an appeal to (some) dog owners

A big thank you to all the residents who turned up on Saturday morning to help us with the clean-up. It’s great to see such community spirit and the estate looked great afterwards.

Could we please make a special appeal to those dog owners who decide to pick up their dog’s poo in a bag and then throw it into the bushes. This is worse than not picking it up in the first place because the bags don’t decompose. It’s not like it is a long way from home for anybody so please try and bring it home with you as it is not fair to ask other residents to pick up your bags during clean-ups. And thank you to those owners who do clean up after their dogs.

Thank you and happy daffodil planting!

2 thoughts on “Huge thank you to all helpers and an appeal to (some) dog owners

  1. Thanks for the updates Julie and I hope all is well. Sorry that we could not participate in the recent clean up but we weren’t around the area. Re your post below – as it happens I’m frequently having to clean up what appears to be cat excrement in our front and back gardens. Given that cats are free to roam around would you know of any effective method or product that helps deter them or other animals from fouling in certain places? Thanks & best regards, Colin



    1. Hi Colin,
      Thanks for your reply.
      You’ve got my sympathy, that’s a real pain, we have the same problem with dog excrement for weeks now in our front garden and on the grass strip next to the sidewalk. We personally have cats and built them a big cat litter box in the back corner of the garden with lots of loose soil so they can go there for their business as they like to dig a hole and then bury it (we clean it then once a week). Usually cats like loose soil or sand, I’m surprised if you say it’s not buried, could it maybe be a small dog?
      Anyway in regards to solutions, I googled a bit and found that quite a few people suggest a very cheap diy job by leaving a PET bottle filled with water on the lawn which apparently deters cats and dogs. I have no idea if that works but I will give it a try. There are also quite a few ultrasonic devices out there from €10 up, which should keep them out.
      I hope that helps.
      All the best,


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