Weed management regime DLR

meadow flower poppy wild poppies

Herbicide-free roads and streets

In 2018, the dlr Cleansing Section ceased the use of herbicidal products for treating weeds on roads and footpaths around the county. There were a number of reasons for this change of approach. Herbicidal spraying on hard surfaces poses a high risk of pollution to our rivers and streams due to the possibility of herbicides being washed into drains.

No herbicide was used on dlr roads and footpaths in 2018. Instead, weeds were removed manually and, in some locations, using a mechanical weed machine. This year, as the soil comes back to life because of this chemical-free approach, we are seeing a higher level of weed and wildflower growth on our footpaths and road edges. This has resulted in a more natural look in some areas where people may not be used to such levels of growth.

In accordance with our new approach, weeds will be removed where they may cause a trip hazard, or where their growth may obstruct the flow of surface water on the roadway. Where excessive weed growth is extremely unsightly, weeds will also be removed.

We encourage you to support our nature friendly approach by emailing info@dlrcoco.ie when weeds become a significant issue.

Source: https://www.dlrcoco.ie/sites/default/files/atoms/files/summer_2019.pdf

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