Text Alert Guidelines

Receive text alerts in Dublin 18Update August 2019: Please note, the Garda Síochána has changed the text alert system to another provider, to be added to the alert system, please fill in the form on the page ‘Neighbourhood Watch‘ and you’ll be notified of any alerts by the Gardaí directly.

We are delighted to be part of the the official Text Alert scheme in cooperation with An Garda Síochána. “Text Alert” is designed to facilitate immediate and cost effective communication from An Garda Síochána to the public.

What is text alert all about?

An Garda Síochána will provide information by text to a registered “Community Contact” and they in turn will forward the information by text to all registered Street Coordinators. “Text Alert” is a one way communications system, please do NOT reply to a “Text Alert”! Contact with the Gardaí must be made in person or by a telephone call to 01 666 5600, to control and verify information.

Text Alert in operation nationwide

1. A member of the public reports an incident to the Gardaí. The reporting Garda verifies details and determines that the “Text Alert” system should be utilised.

2. Garda sends text out to each registered “Community Contact” in their Garda District.

3. Each “Community Contact” forwards the text to their “Community Group” to advise the public to watch out and report any developments (to Gardai directly at 01 666 5600).

The following examples are provided as a guide to understand how texts might look:

Example 1 – Suspicious Activity: warnclonmel There have been reports of a car acting suspiciously in the Clonmel area KLO Blue Opel Astra 04WX_ _ _ _ _ (the full vehicle registration number should not be included).

Example 2 – Keep a Look Out: warnwexford 2 distraction burglaries occurred in the last hour in south wexford. Silver ford mondeo car seen acting suspiciously nearby.

Example 3 – Information: warnennis District CA mtg at Town Hall 7pm on Mon 18th Oct 2013

Example 4 – Crime Prevention Advice: warndundalk summer hols are near. Make plans with trusted neighbour to mind your home – papers, milk, curtains, alarm etc.
(Garda Districts with longer names may decide to use an abbreviation.)

The role of street coordinators

We (the community contact) will forward the text to all street coordinators. Each street coordinator who would like to participate (hopefully all) would need to set up their own text group including all their street residents and will then forward the text to them. If then somebody notices anything suspicious, please report this directly to the Gardai at 01 666 5600.

How residents can join

Here you can find a list of street coordinators, please contact one in your area to be added to the text alert.

We are also still looking for more street coordinators, if you are interested please fill in the application form.

Essential Garda Contact Details

Garda Emergency Number 999 or 112

Garda Website www.garda.ie

Garda Confidential Telephone Number 1800 666 111

Crime Victims Helpline 116 006

Crimestoppers Freephone 1800 250 025

Please have a look (and download for further reference) the Text Alert Terminology Sheet

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.

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