Tree Planting Sat 1st April

Dlr Parks are planning to go ahead with the planting of a small community woodland in Orby Park on Sat 1st April (previously canceled due to a weather warning). The meeting time is 10am and there are some limited tools and gloves, if volunteers have their own please bring them. There are about 1200 trees to plan and the plan is to continue until all trees have been planted.

2 thoughts on “Tree Planting Sat 1st April

  1. Hi Residents Association,

    There are two Trees blocking our light and our neighbours light on Orby Way near Glencairn Drive. Is there any chance of getting these Trees Topped to allow the sun shine please ?

    Kind Regards,

    Bernadette Durkan ________________________________


    1. Hi Bernadette, you would need to go to the DLR website, see the button called Report It and fill out the information including any photos and press submit, when you do this it generates a CRM number, make a note of this as you won’t get any other acknowledgment. The council will contact you after this. Bear in mind its bird nesting season so they wont action this until September.


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