Glencairn Development – update 2022

In December 2021, The Gallops Residents Association have had another meeting with Park Developments in regards to the Glencairn building site. We organise these regular meetings to keep residents up to date on any developments.

Park Developments have informed us that the first 160 units of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments will be completed in the first quarter of 2022. The 5 apartment blocks, called Woodward Sq, are located at the Murphystown entrance to the site adjacent to the Luas.

Park Developments have also finished the planting of trees behind the boundary wall between Orby Avenue and the M50 following agreement with DLRCC Parks Department. The existing scrub and bush were previously removed to allow for essential foul sewer connection works. They have planted eight new trees in total, lots of small brambles, and a few conifer trees a few meters away from the boundary wall towards the M50. These trees and bushes will be left to grow wild there and should provide a noise and pollution barrier for residents. They will also finish building up the stone wall between the development and the M50 as soon as the weather allows, so there won’t be any more access, temporary fencing is currently in place.

The next phase will be the building of apartment blocks 07 and 08, also at the Murphystown Road end of the site. The build will commence in February 2022 and take about 18 months. This block will include DLRCC Part V wheelchair housing and universally designed apartments tailored specifically for the elderly and those with accessibility needs.

Park Development has also almost nearly completed the shared pedestrian/cycleway opposite Glencairn View.

This should be open to the public by February 2022 following inspection and handover to DLRCC.

Park Developments would like to thank all residents, specifically those with houses close to the works, for their cooperation during these works. They sought to keep any disturbance to a minimum by accessing the work zone only via their adjacent site.

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