Some special thanks for your help at our clean-up today

As always, thanks to all who turned up for our clean-up this morning. We didn’t have a big crowd this time, probably because of the weather, but we were lucky as the rain stopped before we got started. The people who came did do a fantastic job!

Our thanks go out to everyone but we would like to mention a few special thank-yous.

A very special thanks to the teenagers who came to help today – you are a great example for everyone and you really make a difference to the community.

We would also like to thank the gentleman who does his own weekly clean-up and also pulled the dumped duvet out of the bushes – thank you very much, your help is greatly appreciated.

We also heard today about another gentleman from Glenbourne who cleans up the laneway for us all every week – thank you so much, your weekly efforts make a huge difference to all residents in the Gallops and Glenbourne. 

The Residents Association would also like to thank the council contractor for the great job that they’ve done over the last few days on the green area, the laneway and all along the curbs in the estate. Thanks a million!

We obviously thank everybody else who came along too, thanks for your help and it was lovely chatting to you all. 

We have taken a few photos, but as always missed a few. You know who you are and we greatly appreciate your help 😉

It’s nice to see residents from Glenbourne joining our monthly clean-ups. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again – and hopefully some new faces from the Gallops and Glenbourne – at our next clean-up. Thanks and have a great weekend!


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