Meeting between Park Development, DLRCC and the Gallops Residents Association

A meeting was held at the Glencairn building site on Tuesday June 8th between The Residents Association, Park Developments, and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, concerning the replanting and retention of trees in the Orby area (bordering Glencairn and the M50) of The Gallops.

With the new development at Glencairn there had been some removal of trees along the M50 bank to facilitate the connecting of water systems between the estates. Last winter Park Developments replanted some trees along the boundary wall but there was still a large area left bare.

Removed Leylandii trees

For many years the residents at the top of Orby Avenue had back garden shelter and privacy provided by Leylandii trees around the boundary of Glencairn. These trees, along with those on the M50 bank, served also to absorb noise from the M50. The Leylandii trees were removed 2-3 years ago leaving a small number of deciduous trees which, according to the development plan, were to be removed and replaced by saplings in the back gardens of the new houses.

Replanting of trees/shrubs and retention of remaining trees

The great news is that Park Developments and DLRCoCo have agreed to replant the trees and shrubs on the M50 bank, and also, where possible, to retain the remaining trees behind the boundary wall between the Glencairn Development and the houses at the top of Orby Avenue. Unless these are in the way of construction where the garden walls of the new houses will be connected to the existing wall, Park Developments have agreed that these trees will be left standing, giving privacy to residents on both sides of the wall (existing houses and new ones).

Native trees will be replanted along the M50 bank: a mixture of whips (very young trees/seedlings), hawthorn, brambles, gorse, holly, and some evergreen trees (see plans below for more details). The area will then be left to re-wild. The granite wall that was knocked down for access to the bank will be rebuilt so there will be no public access to the area alongside the M50, as before. 

Replanting in November

Replanting will take place later this year – in November during planting season – and hopefully in a few years will again provide a barrier from the sound and pollution of the M50.

Many thanks to Park Developments and DLRCC for agreeing to the meeting and for working with the residents of The Gallops regarding this.

Please click the plan below to view the full size image or download as PDF.

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