Thanks for your help at our clean up yesterday

The committee would like to thank everybody who turned up on Saturday to our estate clean up despite the bad weather! It was fantastic to see the volunteers who came out regardless of the weather to help us –  as always we like to thank everybody who helped, including the children who came!

We would also like to say thanks to the person(s) who collected the cans the day before and left them at the Big Belly bin for us to collect, and the other person who picked them up on Saturday morning after they had fallen off the bin and stored them all in a bag before they could scatter – thank you both! Your help is very much appreciated.

We’ve reported the damage to the surface of the playground CRM 223530 refers. We also found a black jacket aged 6-7 from Dunnes and the red jumper 7-8 from Next and there’s also a light blue beanie hat there as well, see pictures below.

Unfortunately, we only had time to take one picture of one of the last groups who were there on Saturday. However, you know who you are and we greatly appreciate your help 😉

We’re looking forward to seeing you all – and hopefully some new faces – at the clean-up next month again. Thank you!


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