Ramp building on Orby Green

We have been contacted by residents about a group of young teenagers (some of them look around 11 years old) who have been digging up holes in the green at Orby Park with spades to build (bicycle) ramps in the last couple of days.

We have logged it with the council to get fixed as soon as possible (CRM-222147) but would really like to ask parents to speak to their children in case they or their friends have been involved, to please stop digging up more of the green.

The holes are unsightly and could be dangerous for walkers in the dark. Residents would like this to stop.

3 thoughts on “Ramp building on Orby Green

  1. *some residents would like this to stop*

    God forbid children have fun. It’s their amenity as much as yours.

    A proportionate response would be to use your eyes that are so keenly peeled for kids having fun (a questionable use of your time in any case) to actually walk where you’re going.

    Kind regards,
    The rational thinking majority.


    1. Dear rational thinking majority,

      I agree that kids should have fun and I personally don’t see an issue with the ramps either.
      However not everybody shares this opinion and we should be mindful of the rest of the community.

      As the green is a public amenity we have to respect everybody’s opinion. The council will restore the green to its initial purpose the same way as they restore anything else around the playground, exercise machines or anything else in the estate.

      I’m not sure if you are aware that we had a similar situation about 10 years ago in Glencairn where about 40 kids were arriving on a daily basis, including vans pulling up and people bringing bikes out of them. As much as I share your opinion to let kids have some fun, I also understand their concerns as things can get out of control quickly with kids arriving from every other estate again.

      I admire the kids initiative and instead of just saying that either they can or cannot practise with their ramps, maybe they should consider what other options there would be. One option would be to use the purposely built skatepark next to the Samuel Beckett Centre which is accessible by cycling lane and pedestrian crossing. Or maybe they can get creative and build some ramps out of wood. They could then practise to their heart’s content on the green all day long and then bring them easily back home again before dark. Wouldn’t that please everyone?


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