Great turn out at our clean up on Saturday – thank you!

The committee would like to thank everybody who turned up on Saturday to our estate clean up – that was great! We had a huge group of volunteers to clean up the estate, which was fantastic – and well needed! We would like to thank everybody massively who helped, including all the children and dogs who came!

Some people collect rubbish before or in between our monthly cleanups and then drop the bag off with us – which is also really appreciated, thank you. 

Also thanks for the cash donation we received, it’s been passed on to our treasurer – thank you. 

All your help made a huge difference – people were sent in different directions and most people just picked up rubbish for 20-30min – but with such a great group effort the estate looks great – thank you so much!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all – and hopefully some new faces – next month again. Thank you!

Some committee members do the clean up early in the morning as they have other commitments afterwards, so we only had two members at the clean up at 10.30am. They were so busy passing out equipment and bags, doing their own cleanup and talking to residents who had questions about the Residents Association, that unfortunately, they had no time to take any pictures that morning. However, you know who you are and we really appreciate your help greatly 😉

The clean up was really worth it, lots of rubbish has been collected – thank you!

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