Bicycles stolen in the estate

A resident in the Orby area informed us this morning that he had 2 bikes stolen from his back garden shed last night.

The thieves forced the side gate and shed doors to steal the bikes.

One of his neighbours reported that her car alarm went off at 3am last night, so is assuming they must have been checking cars out too.

Please be vigilant, keep outside lights on or ideally install lights with motion sensors

Use a padlock at the side gate and shed doors

Check that your car is locked and set the house alarm, before going to bed at night

Photo by Nicholas Githiri on

And please call the guards if you see anything or anybody suspicious, even if you think it might be nothing. The guards tell us every time at policing forums to please call them if we see anything suspicious before something happens.

They really want to help and prevent crime from happening, but will need your help in calling them as soon as possible.

Stepaside Garda Station: 01 666 5700

In case you need the guards quickly (i.e. to check out a suspicious vehicle) please call 112 or 999 straight away. Even if it’s not an emergency but you need a quick response, the central Garda station has access to the full nationwide Garda network and can send the Garda car which is closest to the Gallops at that time. This car might be from Blackrock or Dun Laoghaire, and can only be notified through headquarters by calling 112 or 999.

Please don’t be embarrassed or feel that you’re taking up their time, they ask us to do so and you do them and all residents a huge favour by calling in suspicious behaviour, before another crime is committed.

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