Volunteers needed for our new Community First Responder group

The Gallops Residents Association is delighted to let you know that we are trying to set up a Community First Responder (CFR) group in the Gallops and Stepaside area, and we’re looking for volunteers in the area. 

When a heart stops – seconds count!

We know that early cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation saves lives. It doesn’t matter who does it. What does matter is that it happens fast.

What’s involved?

The Community First Responder group’s goal is reducing the number of people who die from cardiac arrest every year, by getting to the scene quickly, administering CPR and defibrillation if needed. Volunteers would be local and suitably trained in basic life support and the use of a defibrillator, and attend regular refresher courses. 

Community first responders are not trained to provide the full range of immediate life-saving care, and are not a substitute for ambulance response – the dispatch of the two responses would happen at the same time. Volunteers are just there to get to the scene as quickly as possible, and to do as much as possible until the ambulance service do arrive. The earlier the initial intervention, the better the chances of survival and recovery. As part of an emergency response network, all community first responders are supported by the National Ambulance Service, who provide the training and equipment. 

The CFR program has been running since 2014 with groups in various locations across the country. We are in touch with the National Ambulance Service, who will be happy to meet with us and provide information one evening to people interested in volunteering. 

If you’re interested in volunteering or would like to find out more about it, please let us know by email at GallopsD18@gmail.com so we can compile a list of interested volunteers and arrange a meet up in the coming weeks. 

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