National Helpline for Older People Re: Covid19

Please pass on this information to any elderly friends, neighbours or relatives who might not have (regular) access to the internet.

SeniorLine has been the national, confidential listening service for older people, run by trained older volunteers since 1998. This peer-to-peer helpline for older people receives in excess of 10,000 calls per year.
The Coronavirus is a particular threat to older people and subsequently SeniorLine has put in place a number of protocols to support our many older callers from all over Ireland.

Any caller, concerned about Covid 19, will receive the most up to date guidance as recommended by Government sources. Good health practice is reinforced at all times. This information is updated daily as the situation changes and is available to each of our volunteers at the phones.
SeniorLine is a FREEPHONE service and our older callers can call free between 10am and 10pm every day of the year on 1800804591

Facebook: @thirdageireland
Twitter: @thirdageireland
Instagram: @thirdageireland

2 thoughts on “National Helpline for Older People Re: Covid19

  1. I would like to ask what if any tests
    are planned on Irish residents returning from the Cheltenham
    Races in UK this weekend. This virus
    is rampant in that area and I’ve no doubt many will have picked it up without being aware of it, but as carriers will pass it on to many and cause havoc in this country. Our government need to be much more
    proactive and act. I’m waiting for the explosion 💥🦠🦠🦠


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