Thanks for your help at the clean up last weekend!

The committee would like to thank the group of adults, children and all the dogs who joined us at our monthly estate clean up last Saturday. 

A massive thanks to our three new helpers, all our reliables – who are there most cleanups with and without children – and the group of teenagers, who are always there. Last Saturday it was just one of them, other days they are there in a group of two to five boys. All of you make such a difference to your living space in the estate – we all benefit of lovely green areas without seeing rubbish everywhere – thank you very much! It only takes half an hour every few weeks and it makes such a difference. 

With the windy weather the last few weeks, there was more rubbish than usual but half an hour later with had bags full and it looked like a new place.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all – and hopefully many more helpers – next month again. Thank you!

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