The Gallops are in a bit of a mess – can you help?

help at local clean upYou might have noticed that there is a lot of rubbish and litter all over the estate. We are holding our next estate clean-up on Saturday, February 22nd, at 10.30 am and a good clean up is needed. It would be great if lots of  people could please give us a hand for half an hour that morning.

Please note that we’ll be there from 10.30-11.00am sharp – we only ask for half an hour of your time. Unfortunately we had last time a few people arriving to help at 11am when we were packing up the bags. As much as we appreciate your help, we are all volunteers and have the same busy Saturdays as you do with training, matches etc. If 10.30 is too late for you, you can pick up litter in the morning and leave the bag next to the compactor bin at the tennis court for us to collect.

At 10.30am we meet at the playground and depending on numbers, we clean as much of the estate as possible. Thank you so much for helping us, it’s greatly appreciated!
As mentioned, all we need is half an hour of your time to help pick up some litter in a particular area.

If you have kids then bring them along too as we have always found them to be some of our most enthusiastic and hard working volunteers! Dogs are very welcome too. We even have some small thank-you-treat for kids and dog – they’re not the same treats 😉

We will have a supply of gloves and pickers and the first 10 people get to wear our highly sought after hi-vis GRA vests!! Hope to see you there.

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