The Gallops Residents Association road signage improvement 2019

22 Jan 19: Became members Muintir na Tíre
20 Feb 19: Local Policing Forum Meeting – request approved for The Gallops be designated 30km/h pending DLRCC
28 Feb 19: Ordered 3 Text Alert signs from Muintir na Tíre
22 Mar 19: Text Alert signs installed by DLRCC
10 Apr 19: The Gallops Deputation Meeting DLRCC Dundrum Office
11 April 19: Text Alert signs erected by DLRCC
3 Sept 19: Received case number for 30km/h signage for The Gallops (delay due to issue of old 20mph signage)
3 Sept 19: Local Policing Forum – request to relocate NHW signs approved
6 Sept 19: Issue re 20mph signage resolved with Traffic Section DLRCC
12 Sept 19: Existing NHW signs relocated by DLRCC to poles with Text Alert signs
1 Oct 19: 30km/h signs installed Glencairn Road, Glencairn Crescent
4 Oct 19: 30km/h sign installed Glencairn Crescent
7 Oct 19: 20mph signs removed by DLRCC

You might have noticed that we have received new 30km/h and Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) signage a few weeks ago. As the Gallops estate was still showing the old mph signage, the GRA applied for new signage in km/h beginning of the year. As you can see at the time line above, these changes take time. We also combined the NHW at estate entrance points and hope it will deter burglars, and that the new speed limit signage will slow down traffic.

As always please be vigilant, call 999 if you see any suspicious vehicles or dubious characters. Double check that your house and car doors are locked, and your alarm is set, before going to bed and ideally use lights with motion sensors around your house.

Keep in touch with neighbours and look after their property when they’re away. Stay safe everyone.

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