Road sweeping, green waste and local elections

You might be aware – or not – of regular road sweeping being done in the Gallops. For your information every 1st Friday of the month the roads in the Gallops are being swept. To help facilitate this service we would like to ask residents to please try to avoid parking on the road that day. If you can’t avoid and there are only houses on one side of the road, please park across from the houses so that the road in front of your house can be cleaned.

Also grass cutting season has begun, please be responsible and don’t dump your green waste on any green areas or in the laneway. It encourages vermin such as rats and mice. Thanks for your cooperation.

Last but not least, Local and European elections will take place on May 24th. Local politicians are going from door to door, this is a great time to raise issues which affect you as residents, such as traffic congestion, local planning decisions etc.

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