114 Bus issues

The Committee of the GRA is aware of a number of problems that arose during the transfer of the 114 bus route from Dublin Bus to the new private operator, Go Ahead Ireland, from January 20th. These included the bus not turning up, turning up late, or not stopping at the Sandyford Industrial Estate, when it did turn up. The Committee raised these problems directly with the office of the Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, who contacted Go Ahead Ireland on our behalf and the response they got from them was as follows:

“They are aware of the teething issues regarding this
route. They confirmed that the 7.51am service from Ticknock ran as
scheduled this morning as they allowed more time for the bus to get from
their depot to Ticknock. They also put an inspector on the bus this
morning to ensure everything went smoothly and have assured me that they will continue to keep a close eye on the route to ensure there are no issues in future.”

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