Rubbish dumping in the Gallops – please report!

Dear Residents, there have been two incidents this year already with individuals dumping rubbish at the Big Belly bin near the playground. When we finally received the bin after years of asking for it, the council agreed to install it as long as it is not abused, or in other words it should not be used as a dumping station for household rubbish. The council will remove the solar bin again if this continues. The committee fought hard for it and we hope you can help us to keep it. Could we please ask you, if you see anybody dumping their rubbish at the bin (leaving a bin bag or other larger rubbish items in or next to it) could you please take a note of the car registration and report it to the Gardai? You can reach Dundrum Garda Station at (01) 666 5600.

Thank you everyone.



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