Gallops Residents Association – Action Plan April 2018

First of all, thank you very much everybody who has made an online donation to the Residents Association. If you have not made a donation yet and could spare €5 or €10 once a year or even every second year, then that would be very much appreciated.

To give a donation of your choice, please click the yellow ‘Donate’ button on the top right hand side of the website (on a laptop or desktop computer) or you will find the button below this content (on a mobile or tablet), which will bring you to a secure page where you can donate through PayPal, or a debit or credit card. Here you can read more about our online donation facility.

And now back to our last meeting, below you can see the full list of actions, which were discussed at our meeting on April 18th. To enlarge or download the action plan as pdf, please click the image below.





2 thoughts on “Gallops Residents Association – Action Plan April 2018

  1. Hi there,
    I would just like to draw the residents committees attention a safety issue due to problem parking in and around the T junction where Glencairn Dale meets Glencairn Cresent. Cars park on the T junction along the Cresent and also on the Dale in line with the solid white line, this makes for unsafe passage when using this junction. Also on that T junction there is a corner house with a very overgrown hedge, this is impeding pedestrians on their way to and from the Luas and in and out of the estate, meaning that they sometimes choose to walk on the road instead. This is another safety issue on this T junction.
    Thank you.
    Valerie Long


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