Voluntary Arts Ireland – Project Exit 15

Voluntary Arts Ireland are in partnership with dlr coco and are in the middle of developing a creative programme in the area, that has community at the heart of it. They want to spread the word and get people involved in the following project:

Exit 15

The Hide Sculpture by Garrett Phelan
The Hide Sculpture by Garrett Phelan, commissioned by Fingal County Council, one of the sites for An Urgent Enquiry, Invitation to Collaboration, 2017

In July the Arts Council announced that six major arts projects around the country were awarded funding under the Invitation to Collaboration Scheme 2017 and Exit 15 was one of these.


Exit 15 is a partnership between Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Voluntary Arts Ireland and Queens University Belfast. Exit 15 is a creative place programme responding to the artistic aspirations of local people in the area of Exit 15.

In September a selection panel representative of local resident experience, as well as local services expertise and arts expertise met to select the three artist that would work on phase one of Exit 15. The three artists selected were the amazing visual artist Michael McLoughlin, video and photography artist who has also been called a folklore expert Michael Fortune, and award winning Mark Storor.

Over the coming months these projects will unfold as the artists engage with local people. For live updates on the project follow us on facebook, Exit 15.

If you, someone you know, a group you work with are interested in being involved in any capacity contact aine@vaireland.org

Artist projects:

Michael Fortune will explore folklore, stories and contemporary rituals- he will use film, photography and media to capture findings. Michael will aim to work with a diverse range of people from various background to identify that many cultural past and contemporary stories and rituals that connect us all.

Michael Fortune http://www.michaelfortune.ie/Home_Page.html

Michael McLoughlin will be looking at physical markers and navigation and how that has changed over the years in the area. Michael hopes to develop an intergenerational project that explores how residences negotiate the area now and how they did so at different points in time 10, 20, 30 years ago. Michael is proposing to work with drawing, map making, sound recording and storytelling with a potential outcome of a site specific sound map of the area.

Michael McLoughlin http://mmcloughlin.org

Mark Storor is an award winning British artist with an International reputation and extensive experience of working collaboratively with organisations and communities with little connection with the arts, and in sensitive settings. Mark works in the space between live art and theatre he specialises in giving voice to those we all too rarely choose to hear, often collaborating with people from vulnerable and marginalised communities.

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