Another response to the Lisieux Development

We received another letter from An Bord Pleanala which included a long report from BMA Planning Consultants on behalf of the applicant for the planning permission, Ketut Limited. As with the DLRCC Planner letter, the report was a response to the issues in our appeal and the appeal by Leopardstown Heights RA.

The report itself is very long so we didn’t scan it. You will get an idea from the letter below as to the substance of BMA’s report but suffice to say, while it was very long, it didn’t say anything new and didn’t address the key issues we had raised. In fact, like with the DLRCC response, we think it helped us to be able to point out again that the applicant seems to be ignoring specific issues that we have brought up in our appeal. Please see below the response from the GRA committee.

To enlarge or download the letter as pdf, please click the image below.

GRA Response to ABT Lisieux development


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