Updates on the Lisieux Development

Please find below a letter which the Gallops RA received from An Bord Pleanala, it includes a response from the planning department in DLRCC to the objections that have been raised on Lisieux. The response from DLRCC appears to be a consolidated reply to all the objections raised as it goes into a lot of detail on certain topics that we didn’t make a big deal about, (e.g. car parking spaces) but which others did (i.e. Leopardstown Heights RA).

Next to it you will find our response on behalf of the Gallops RA to the DLRCC letter. We think this additional correspondence is beneficial, as we have been able to point out that DLRCC’s response hasn’t really addressed the core issues that we raised, and while our chances of success are still very slim, we think it is helpful to have been able to reiterate that point again.

To enlarge or download the letters as pdf, please click the images below.


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