Upcoming estate clean up in April

Child at estate clean up in the GallopsOur next estate clean up will take place on Saturday April 8th. We meet at 10.30am at the playground.

We held 8 of these in 2016 and unfortunately they were very poorly attended by residents so we would really appreciate it if a few of you could help us out for just half an hour. That’s all it takes to clean up most of the black spots if we get even just 20 people out (there are 2,000 living in the Gallops). We provide gloves, bags and pickers and arrange for the collection of all the bags so we just need you for a short time.

It makes a huge difference so please help if you can. Children are also very welcome to come along. In the past, we had children as young as 3 helping out, they got their own picker and really enjoyed helping cleaning up their park.

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