Tidy up at Gallops Luas Station green

Gallops Luas Station GreenAfter years of perseverance by the Residents Association with the Council, they have finally taken responsibility for the area behind the Gallops Luas station. A significant amount of work has been done in recent weeks by the Parks Department of DLRCC to tidy up this area by removing overgrown bushes and litter in the area.

Thanks to the Council for doing this work and thanks also to the Residents Association Committee members and local residents that have continued to apply pressure on this issue.

2 thoughts on “Tidy up at Gallops Luas Station green

  1. Great work all around, it looks great and I’m sure many feel it’s also feels safer to walk by in the evening.

    On the topic of over grown areas. I wonder if the area along the railings on Glencairn Drive and Glencairn Green could also be considered for a clean up. The drive around that bend would be a lot, lot safer if you could see through the railings and the bend. The large trees are nice but the ground bushes are the issue.


    1. Hi Karl,
      Thanks for your comment and praise. I will pass your suggestion on to the Committee to take up with the Council, but just for your information it may take months or even longer to get action. You could also contact the Parks Department in the Council directly, the Committee always encourages residents to do so, as it adds weight to a request.
      Thank you,


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