Register broken street lights in DLR area

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County CounciI has launched a new service to register and fix broken street lights quickly. If you see a street light is broken please go to

to log the fault or see any outstanding faults regarding lights on your road.

This new website/app will enable you to enter your street name and locate the street light. Each street light is shown by a blue marker click on a marker to report a fault on that light. You cannot raise faults on green lights, because they are not council owned.

If the street light is marked in red, there is already a fault logged on this light and you cannot raise another. You can log a fault with any blue light on the map.

raise_fault_by_emailIf you cannot find your light on the map then press the ‘Raise Fault by Email ‘ Button (top right hand side of the page, please see screen shot) and enter as much detail about the light as you can in the comments.

This is a great new service which will help to identify faulty street lights quickly and help the council to get them fixed. Thanks for your cooperation.