Rubbish dumping – a few helpers & a donation!

Thanks everybody who came today to our monthly cleanup – we really could not have done it without you!

Unfortunately we only had a handful of people today coming to help the committee at the clean up, which was a bit sad to see considering the park was very busy with people playing and walking. Everyone is welcome to help and we’d love to see you, even if only for 15 minutes or so. We have plenty of gloves (cleaned every week) and bags so all you need to bring is a little time to spare, and children are very welcome too. If you see us in the park just come on over.

There was a lot of rubbish all over the estate especially with more people around in the evenings and after the storm this week. As there were only around 10 of us today, including the committee and kids, we were only able to clean up parts of the estate. 

Do you have 15 minutes this week for your estate? 

As you will probably notice, there is still a lot of rubbish around. If you have a few minutes this week, maybe you would like to pick up a bit of litter on your own road – that would really make a difference.

Comments on social media

We’ve seen people commenting on social media about the state of the estate and the rubbish around the park. We fully understand that this is upsetting and that we all like a clean estate. So if everybody could pick up a little bit every week, it would really make a difference. You’re welcome to drop it off at our monthly clean up – as a couple of people do every month – or dispose of it in your own bin (bottles and cans can go into the recycling bin anyway). It would just be lovely if everybody could help a little bit – thank you so much!

With baby & toddler in tow

A very big special thanks to the family who came with a baby and toddler today and filled a whole big bag on their walk – amazing & thank you!

A cash donation 

Another lady gave us a cash donation today which we passed on to the committee’s treasurer – thank you very much!

Also thank you very much to everybody who donated through our online facility in the last few weeks, it’s greatly appreciated! You got us back into the black – thank you!

We were not able to take any pictures of any helpers today, as they got their bags and disappeared quite quickly before we remembered to take a pic – anyway you know who you are, thanks again. Here is a picture of our end-result which will be picked up on Monday by the council. 

2 thoughts on “Rubbish dumping – a few helpers & a donation!

  1. I’m Melody. I live at Levmoss ave..
    I am very happy to clean up the street this morning. I’d love to help any time. Thank you…


    1. That’s great, thank you so much for your help, we really appreciate it!
      Please feel free to sign up to our website updates with your email address, we’ll let you know then when the next clean up is confirmed again. Thanks a million.


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