Adopt a Street


Hi everyone.

A fellow resident came up with a great idea called “Adopt a Street”. It involves an individual resident of a road in the estate, or indeed a group of residents, taking it on themselves to look after keeping their road free from litter. This would only take a few minutes a week and would really make a difference. We are not going to introduce this is as a formal arrangement but please let us know via our Facebook page if you decide to do this, as it will encourage others to follow suit.



2 thoughts on “Adopt a Street

  1. Im not so sure. It’s everybody’s responsibility to keep our area clean…if I was to volunteer I wouldn’t want to have to pick others littering or unkept verges…


    1. Thanks for your reply Derek. We agree that it is everybody’s responsibility but unfortunately the world doesn’t work like that, which is why we need volunteers! The Committee organise about 8 clean ups a year in the estate and we usually only get between 10 and 20 residents, but the estate would be full of litter if it wasn’t for those people helping out.


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